For most people, being healthy seems to be impossible as there are so many rules that you have to follow. Do this, do not eat this, do not drink this do less of this and an endless list of various things that you should and should not do. Being healthy just about easily you can incorporate the basic health rules in your routine. 

1. Eat plants mostly

Picking up the latest healthy book to read or following a trending diet can be more appealing than the reality. To be healthy you need to eat plenty of plants and this includes the various vegetables and fruits that are loaded with minerals and vitamins. 

2. Meditate daily 

Although finding 15-20 minutes that you can devote to meditation daily can be difficult, meditation does make a huge difference in your health. It does not only reduce your stress and anxiety but it makes you feel rejuvenated and productive. 

3. Do exercises that you enjoy 

The reason why most people may not be able to keep up with the healthy lifestyle they have chosen is that they do the things they hate. You do not have to do exercises that you do not like. You can do activities such as dancing, bicycle riding, hiking, and swimming. 

4. Get enough sleep 

Make it your responsibility that you ensure that you get adequate sleep by going to bed earlier and avoiding staying up late at night. Getting enough sleep ensures that you can concentrate at work and this greatly increases your productivity.

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